About us

With its headquarters in Uberlândia, Minas Gerais, Ubermec has a long history of technical support and engineering solutions for the seed and other segments research market in Brazil. We are distributors and authorized of high technology agricultural equipment of planting and seed counting. We act in areas of field research support, offering products from international brands such as DATA Technologies, Deutz Motors and Seed Research Equipment Solutions - SRES as well as our own developments to serve this market.

The seed segment in Brazil has attracted large investments from companies in the industry, its innovative differentials add considerable values to the national market, through the supply of resources and new technologies. "It is with pleasure that we offer services and national support to the clients of DATA Technologies in our country". The company represents the best in machinery and high technology equipment oriented to agricultural research such as: harvesters, planters, threshers, threshing machines, laser seed counters, planting technology kits, parts and components.

The company is trained and specialized in mechanical mechanics, technical assistance, implementation of embedded technologies, high speed seed counters, development of electrical, electronic, mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic controls. It also has a differentiated focus on the evaluation of individual needs.

At UBERMEC, "Quality is our motto"

Team Ubermec